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 STANEK TZ 3 - 5.5 - hook type

  • max. diameter of the hook rotation 1100 mm
  • max. height of the hook 2100 mm

The equipment for blasting of steel, cast-iron or stainless castings, forgings, weldments and thermal treated steel components, for removing rust, deburring, surface hardening etc.

The blasting principle used: throwing the blasting metal material against the blasted workpieces.

The blasted parts are suspended separatly or into so called "tree". The hook with the parts is rotating in the cabin during the blasting and is shifted at the same time there and back in front of the turbines, which ensures the even blasting of material.

The equipment is determined for blasting with steel or stainless shots (balls).

The blasting belongs to the most efficient methods of pretreatment of the products before the powder coating of them.

The equipment must not be used for the blasting of products made of aluminium, magnesium and their compounds and/or of other materials the dust of which is inflammable or explosive.